Chuck Johnston is the creator of E-MP and has been involved with various photo and video projects for many years. When asked how he would describe his role in this business, he refers to himself as a "Photo Choreographer." He brings life to otherwise still photographs. He makes them dance.

He measures the success of each project by how each customer feels about the creation.

"In order to be a success, the program should be able to be viewed by anyone and invoke the same emotions as the family or friends who might be in it.

Each of these efforts is unique but share a common theme...the very process is one of discovery and creativity. The relationship I have with each customer is very rewarding. They have a very enjoyable experience throughout the process and I enjoy it along with them." - Chuck Johnston


I wanted to give my wife a special gift for our 15th wedding anniversary and the E-Motion Picture was just the thing.
      J. Miller

We had a professional video done of our wedding that cost thousands of dollars but the E-Motion Picture captured our day in a way that hours of video could never do.
      J. Johnston

After my husband's death, I wanted a pictorial memory of him and E-Motion Picture captured our life together in a wonderful way.
      B. Wheatley

My daughter was going away to college, so as a going away present I gave her an E-Motion Picture of her life with family and friends. She loved it and it will be a great keepsake for her and family members.
      D. Diggins


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